The Earth2Tech Green:Net 09 Conference was kicked off by San Francisco’s mayor Gavin Newsom. Introduced as the “future governor of the state of California,” he described as “easy” the breakthrough achieved by the City of San Francisco in reducing its CO2 emissions since 2002. However, the road is still long to reaching the goal of reducing them to below 20% of 1990’s levels by 2012 (6% so far). Most of the keynotes highlighted the main obstacles: everyone wants to enjoy “cold beer and hot showers,” meaning that individuals are ready to adopt the behavior changes that don’t threaten their lifestyle and that companies are trying to reduce CO2 emissions by attempting to optimize processes and the use of existing technologies rather than expend more money.

This reflects one of the main ideas of the event: the necessary technologic achievements have mostly already happened. Only through a change of behavior will individuals, companies and institutions reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption.