Amee ( is a website that helps you track your CO2 emissions. Its CEO Gavin Starks introduced to the Green:Net Conference’s audience interesting figures like the mass of CO2 that it takes to build, use and recycle a 2,5 kg-product Mac Book: 460kg! Fortunately it’s the “greenest family of notebooks....” He then explained why we had to urge governments to tax Carbon instead of allow its trade, in order to avoid a “Venus Syndrome” on Earth and a decrease of the human population to 1 billion or less by the end of the century. Every CO2 emission has to be measured, compiled and then reduced, the main obstacle being that it involves tracking down the purchases, precise energy consumption, travels … of every individual. CO2 ID could represent the most complete amount of data about one’s lifestyle. Therefore, for obvious privacy matters it would require all personal data to be handled with extreme care to make sure it is not embezzled by ill-intentioned third party.

Companies like Amee might help people and institutions to track their emissions, as soon as standards are set up, but the exit from the “multi-generational Ponzi Scheme” that Carbon Dioxide emissions have become seems to reside in profound changes of behavior, in individuals and in society.