Most ad spending is down for the Hispanic category except for online and out-of-home media, says an Online Ad Spending report from Myers Publishing. Covering budgets from 2008 through 2010, the report also covers television, newspapers, magazines and radio. While outdoor advertising spending change is staying constant, Internet ad spending is increasing two percent. Total Hispanic ad spending is projected to drop a total of 11.2 percent, with a slight rebound in 2010 of 2.3 percent growth. The sharpest decrease in spending is for radio, down nineteen percent, followed closely by local television at 18.5 percent and consumer magazines at 17.5 percent. Smaller decreases occur for newspapers, at 12.8 percent. An even smaller decrease is expected for network TV, which accounts for nearly one-half of Hispanic ad spend according to eMarketer today, down 5.5 percent.

Spanish-language advertising will increase its share of total US advertising, but Myers Publishing predicts that category spending will not reach its 2008 previous peak of $4.25 billion again until 2012. Ad Age tracked Spanish-language advertising dropping 6.6 percent in the first six months of this year.

In a related report, TNS Media Intelligence gathered figures for Hispanic ad spending growth among the top ten highest spending US companies. For number one spender Proctor & Gamble, spending was down 20.2 percent. Also down roughly twenty percent was Johnson & Johnson. The rest of the top ten ad spenders increased their spending on Spanish-language TV, magazines and newspapers, as much as 71 percent in the case of the Dish Network.

Another group to boost ad spending toward minorities is the US Census. Today's Ad Age spotlights the Census Bureau's efforts to increase its accuracy for the groups that traditionally mistrust the government. To do so, the Bureau is allocating much of an estimated $145 million paid-media budget to multicultural audiences, with approximately $28 million to Hispanic media.