Next-generation video will be immersive. Immersive Media's 360º spherical video is an impressive, potentially amazing, example of how our relationship with video will change in the coming decades, further incorporating our physicality, deepening immersion and allowing the lens to be guided by users’ subjectivity. The Calgary-based  company's Dodeca 2360 is a twelve-sided camera (as any Schoenberg fanboy will tell you), with 11 image-sensing lenses that record different angles simultaneously at 30 frames per second. The camera, the size of a softball, can be mounted on most things (demos show the camera mounted on helicopters, kayaks and BASE jumpers, for example). The camera can record over at a million pixels per second, which is higher than an HDTV (apparently it can reach up to 2400 x 1200 pixels). Immersive Media’s technology will also allow data and metadata to be embedded directly in the video.

To control the camera, drag the cursor while holding down the left-click click button.

It can be disorienting, but it’s also sort of exhilarating, especially when the camera is mounted on a moving vehicle (it feels like an FPS vehicle mission, actually).

Inevitably this technology will be incorporated into video games – the world reaching that perfect state the philosophers promised long ago – enabling, for example, FPSs with real-world, interactive (and hopefully destructible) backgrounds.

Immersive Media has already worked with Adidas, Armani, the NBA, the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation, and (to cover the Emmys). They also work with companies in oil and gas resort promotion, security and surveillance, environmental consultants, engineers, first respondents and branches of the military.

By Mark Alvarez