Lotame Solutions is teaming up with Amplify and Vizu to measure the value of advertising on social media networks in parameters other than the "click." The service gives clients behavioral targeting access to metrics on the length of time Web searchers affix to a specific ad on a page or if a brand's ad increases or decreases buzz, awareness or purchase intent. Hapax's Amplify linguistic technology assesses blog post conversation tone that is responding to brands and campaigns. The platform uses word meaning to identify topics, brands, people, emotions and actions. Vizu's Ad Catalyst measures impact of viewer perception of key brand attributes. The brand building metric "Brand lift" is superior to click-through rate (CTR) counting due to measuring the effectiveness of ad units, Web sites and key messages. Because of Brand lift, advertising dollars are optimized.

Scott Hoffman, CMO at Lotame, Elkridge, MD, wants to bring the TV model to the Internet, says MediaPost. He believes the partnership signifies the first time that this type of technology has been applied to social media advertising. The development means easily measuring monetization and value of online ads.

Maryland-based Lotame's technology is called Crowd Control. It "harnesses user interests and actions, locating the 'influencers' in social media," their site explains. Crowd Control examines user actions such as uploading, blogging, and commenting. This data is layered with interests, and is factored with anonymous data points such as age, gender, recency and frequency. The resulting profiles are used by brands to directly target their messages to individuals, not just sites.

This combined package analyzes the connection between time spent, brand lift and consumer sentiment. This shifts agency dependence from CTR to a wider variety of parameters that will give a new view on consumer-advertiser relations. Parameters such as attitude and buzz will be quantifiable to advertisers and brands.