Clash-Media, a network that connects advertisers to consumers, has been re-hired by the U.S. Military to recruit both new and experienced men and women, MediaPost blogs today. While the actual campaign scale is yet to be released, the lead generation company provided some 10,000 leads per month last year for the U.S. Military for $100,000 per month. A similar rate of leads for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and the National Guard is expected. "We're still waiting to see whether (President Barack) Obama's going to pull out of Iraq," said Christopher Petix, president of Clash Media US. "We think we'll know by mid-February." The Department of Defense reports recruiting levels up in 2008, and all reporting Military divisions met their recruiting goals for the fiscal year. The DoD strategy seems to have been working, but projections cannot be made for 2009 in this time of executive administration change.

target="_blank">Clash-Media reaches approximately 7.5 million users, the majority of which are 18-35 years old, through educational and higher-learning-related Web properties. Clash-Media is running the recruitment campaign along with Universal McCann, fully integrating with the Armed Services' in-house recruiting drives.

The approach of, Clash-Media's high school graduates and working adults resource, is reflected in the U.S. Military Web site. The education site focuses on campus as well as online degrees and programs, while supplementing the "Featured Schools" areas with Army and other Military advertisements in prominent areas of the display area.'s navigation shows similar accessibility, as well as targeted advertisements to educational and other military resources.

Now with offices in New York, London, Copenhagen and Munich, Clash-Media launched in 2006 and plans further expansion. Other clients include T-Mobile, The Motley Fool and Toyota. Only a small amount of the company's business is made up of the Military.