Making a band is difficult, unless you are Puff Daddy. Creative control, egos and work schedules can get in the way., a Burlingame, CA based start-up, makes it a whole lot easier to fulfill the dream. Mix, Match, Music is a useful platform for all types of musicians to come together and create songs. Users are able to upload, search and listen to isolated audio files of specific instruments that other member artists have uploaded. In addition to instrument type, MixMatchMusic’s search engine also permits users to browse through the music directory on the basis of genre, key, type of audio, date, and user profile.

So if you can play that guitar riff, but need a good baseline and drum beat to complement it, simply use the instrument search engine, and you may find it. The download times for audio files are surprisingly quick. But how do you loop the music together? Enter mixmaker.

MixMatchMusic mixmaker enables the user to copy, cut, zoom, and duplicate the user-uploaded music, thereby creating original integrated songs. So if you are one who does not play an instrument, but who is talented in identifying good music, you can put together a quality track from your friend’s creations, or from the audio files in the directory.

Of course, the usual capabilities of other music servers such as Myspace are also available. Users can support unsigned and independent artists by purchasing audio files, and members can manage profiles to display their music. The profiles also enable users to send messages to each other, i.e., to collaborate on their creations.