Following-up on what we already covered in July, Microsoft released today the “New Xbox Experience,” which is a new user interface for the Xbox 360 gaming console. The highlight of the release is the ability to watch Netflix movies directly from the entertainment system. Users are also able to save high definition movies and television shows to the Xbox 360 hard drive. Netflix has made over 12,000 movies available for Xbox 360 streaming. The service is free to Xbox live gold members in the United States who also have a Netflix unlimited subscription. From the interface, the user can access his Netflix online video queue, and within seconds begin watching a movie from his Xbox 360. Installation is also surprisingly simple.

“If you are an existing Netflix subscriber today it takes 30 seconds to go onto their Web site with your activation code that is presented by the console and that is it. Your console is synched up to your account,” said Simon Attwell, Xbox Program Manager.

It appears the New Xbox Experience will be the vanguard user interface for gaming consoles. Eventually, the Xbox 360 console may become the consumers’ first input into their television simply because it offers—in addition to gaming—high definition movies, television shows, music videos, and Netflix instant video streaming. To view the look and feel of the user interface, along with some video presentations, visit here. In addition to video access, the New Xbox Experience will add account avatars similar to those for the Nintendo Wii.