released Tuesday its second MostPublic index, showing the 50 most influential people in Silicon Valley/San Francisco. “The MostPublic Index is a detailed (and transparent) barometer of who’s [sic] voices are most heard in the digital landscape as new channels—Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and the like—transform how media is created and spread.” The Vancouver-based participatory news network rated the individuals based on four measures: online visability; presence on user-generated content and social networking sites; interactivity and accessibility; and what they call The “R” factor, presence on microblogging platforms like Flickr, Twitter, and


The top ten most influential are: blogger and technology evangelist Robert Scoble; TechCrunch's Michael Arrington; Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone; Google's Matt Cutts; Mashable's Pete Cashmore; blogging pioneer Dave Winer; venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki; entrepreneur Loïc Le Meur; and Digg cofounder Kevin Rose.

Robert Scoble (picture)

Michael Arrington
Jack Dorsey
Biz Stone
Matt Cutts
Pete Cashmore
Dave Winer
Guy Kawasaki
Loïc Le Meur
Kevin Rose
Merlin Mann
Stowe Boyd
Jeff Atwood
Jeremiah Owyang
Veronica Belmont
Kara Swisher
Scott Beale
Marc Andreessen
Ryan Block
David Sifry
Emily Chang
Om Malik
Timothy Ferriss
Nick Douglas
John Battelle
David Cohn
Louis Gray
Tom Foremski
Tim O'Reilly
Ariel Waldman
Matt Mullenweg
Dean Takahashi
Philip Kaplan
JD Lasica
Sarah Lacy
Brian Solis
Charlene Li
Rafe Needleman
Dan Farber
Howard Rheingold
David McClure
Margaret Mason
Jason Goldman
Leah Culver
Chris Shipley
Jackson West
Liz Gannes
Owen Thomas
Adeo Ressi
Max Levchin

By Mark Alvarez