With Office 2.0, software and application suites are definitely “in the clouds.” Application suites, social networks, collaborative work—the whole web 2.0 concept has been widely analyzed during this second-year conference. Start

ed September 5th with an unconference, the two-day conference held in the St. Regis hotel, in the heart of San Francisco, has been a sparkling success for thriving Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ishmael Ghalimi—who is, by the way, an expert contributor for L’Atelier. L’Atelier attends the most interesting technology events and conferences. We were in the field to help you discover cool start-ups with a huge potential of growth during these upcoming months. Zoho.com, ContactOffice.com and ThoughtFarmer.com were in the "radar" of L'Atelier. Watch our video interviews to find out more about these websites.  Interview with ThoughtFarmer, an easy to use Wiki Discover ThoughtFarmer, a knowledge sharing solution for the new enterprise. Watch the video interview at the Office 2.0 Conference 2007. Interview with ContactOffice, the complete virtual office solution Founded in 1999, ContactOffice allows the quick and economical deployment of a complete virtual office solution; either on its publisher’s servers or on the client’s. Interview with Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho.com Starting up this video review with Zoho, a Pleasanton, CA based start-up company providing Office Suite products through dynamic web pages... Mathieu Ramage Media and Editorial Manager of Atelier