Online video viewing grew 13 percent in December, according to comScore. A record 14.3 million videos were viewed by US viewers during the month. YouTube was responsible for 49 percent of this growth from the preceding month. Google sites, owner of YouTube, showed 41.2 percent (5.9 billion) of the month’s total videos. YouTube videos represent 99 percent of that number.

Fox Media Interactive was second with 3.1 percent of total viewership, 445 million videos. The average viewer watched 7.8 Fox Media Interactive videos, compared to the 59 videos watched by YouTube viewer.

150 million US users – 78.5 percent of the total US Internet population – watched online video in December. On average, 96 videos were watched per viewer.

The average viewer watcher over 300 minutes of video, over five hours, most of these on YouTube. Indeed, the average amount of time spent viewing each video was a YouTube-length 3.2 minutes.

Two out of three videos were watched on YouTube. The site had more than 100 million visitors in December.

NBC and Fox’s Hulu, which has been making huge strides in the online video market, had the longest per-video viewing time, 10.1 minutes. Hulu grew 6 percent from November, and continues to gain traction as their content and exposure expands.

[credit photo: ComScore]

By Mark Alvarez