Comic strips are useful in many ways. Their benefits include storyboards, teaching exercises, and artistic expression. Making such creations used to require a degree of skill and time, but not anymore. With its simple click and drag interface, enables its users with a fast, easy, and interactive way to create detailed and professional-looking comic strips. The amount of content Pixton offers is numerous and updated often. A myriad of preset poses, facial expressions, ethnicities, and backdrops are available. If a user prefers to rotate and manipulate body parts independently, this is also possible. also serves a social networking function. Users can collaborate about their creations by becoming fans of each other. The comic strips are automatically translated into other languages, thereby optimizing public exposure. The “remix” function enables users to alter and add to an existing comic strip, which stimulates constructive criticism and sharing artistic thought. Additionally, users can comment on creations and track their number of page views.

“[Pixton] is a really exciting application of something that is familiar to everybody, but now anyone can be the author and express themselves,” said Clive Goodinson, Pixton Comic’s owner and operator.

Pixton appears to be making significant strides in enabling the quick and easy creation of quality comic strips. The Vancouver-based company currently has 8151 members and counting.