Techcrunch50’s celebrity roll call continues, as this morning, joining Ashton Kutcher, who continues to flit through the halls and was briefly joined by Demi Moore and kids, are Mark Cuban and Kevin Rose on Tuesday’s expert panel. Cuban, demonstrating the mouth that the NBA loves to fine, is not afraid to seriously critique some of the demoers, voicing (not necessarily politely) concerns many share about start-ups who in their overly complex way of doing something another program already does easily, are part of the trendy self-dialogue and half-upmanships endemic in what Kevin Rose calls “the Silicon Valley echo chamber.”

What Cuban and Rose expressed is something that you try to ignore covering start-ups and attending conferences. But I think the growing cynicism among tech bloggers, most prominently seen in Robert Scoble’s recent articles, is due in part to the fact that every trend is becoming oversaturated and companies are drowning proof-of-concept projects in so many buzzwords that it’s hard to discern that their app does nothing new or nothing useful – as Cuban pointed out in harsher terms when judging one particularly technical demo.

Sometimes memes get more comfortable in innovating their language than in innovating their ideas. You risk falling into the trap of thinning common language into an idiolect, an individual’s private language (this goes for both the linguistic and technical aspects). Hard to monetize that tongue.

By Mark Alvarez