Thoora is a news discovery service that helps find communities of interest, aggregating news sites, blogs and tweets and indexing them in real time. Scoble likes it but wonders how it is going to remove noise. Other panelists say Thoora needs to work on its business model, differentiation from other aggregators and a sustainable competitive edge (Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn). Scoble wants a curation tool. This is a really tough market to enter. As the VCs said, thoora needs to make clear from the get-go how they are different from competitors. Insttant. Joe Langevin,youngest presenter at TC50 at 19, introduced Insttant, which converts tweets into meaningful data. It aggregates tweets to find out crowd sentiment, like a graded tweetmeme. Sentiment analysis is always cool. I like it: tracking trends without the chaff. Scoble likes it because they’re entering a new space instead of trying to make their way through oversaturated markets.

target="_self">Perpetually. “Billions and billions of web pages disappear every year,” reads their intro. Instead of introducing the real-time web, Perpetually says it's introducing the ‘perpetual web.’ Perpetually allows for the preservation of web stories and sites.

The presenter, while animated enough, read the entire presentation, a big point loss in a demo. If you can’t explain it extemporaneously -- explain it well and with some spirit -- you give the impression that you don’t know or value your product well enough. The presenter read exceptionally well, but he still read. Connect with your audience!

Right now Perpetually can only archive what’s in the public stream, not behind pay walls. The VC panel also suggested they offer a freemium plan, and not strictly a paid one, which it now is. It’s a niche product; charging will really shrink that niche.

By Mark Alvarez