Teach a man to fish... but with a light that only attracts the right fish

  • 05 Oct
  • 2 min

Could light emitting devices solve fisheries management problems and limit overfishing?

On a global scale, overfishing appears as a threat to the balance of our ecosystems: the alarming figures unveiled by WWF show that fishing is done at such fast pace that wild stocks don't have time to recover or repopulate. For the last 40 years, natural resources have been declining by almost 39%. In 2013, 93 million tonnes of fish were caught worldwide and in 2015 illegal fishing amounted to 28% of global fisheries. During Innovators Under 35 Europe Summit we met startup Safety Net Technologies that focuses on selective practices to tackle overfishing. Indeed, the startup explains that 8 to 25% of fisheries catch are discarded, so it developed light emitting devices that can be attached to a fishing net to overcome this challenge. The intensity of the light can vary to attract different species and repel others so that the fishermen can only keep the fish they intended to catch. By providing this equipment, the startup – that, of course, works alongside scientists, vendors, lawyers and fishermen – proposes a more sustainable management of fisheries to the fishing industry.

By Laura Fremy