Indeed ! Such an amazing crowd. Al Gore is staying all day long, listening to the presentations and occasionaly playing with his white iPhone 3G or his Mac Book Pro. Same for Larry Page, who looks so relaxed and spend time talking to everybody. Except that he is not playing with any tech toys. Just to name two of the most famous people attending. So ? Why all those super busy famous people dedicate 4 days of their extra busy agenda to TED ? Because it is exactly what it is supposed to be : amazing.

I won’t try to sum up anything : it would just be too poor and reduce the message of the speakers. All the videos are online, and that’s one of the beauty of TED. It’s expensive to attend, but all the content is free online a few days after. Attending, you pay for the network, and I guess it’s worth it. So, go on and spend your day watching the videos. Some of them had been viewed more than 3 millions time…The videos from this year cession are not all yet online, but at least Bill Gates is…look at the Mosquito thing.

But why unveiling ? This is the general theme of this year. And it works : the state of the economy, the state of the planet : unveiled by those photographers, philantropists, scientists. Really scary ! It’s time to do something serious. But also : unveilling the truth behind a few common sens. Just to name a few of them (but you have to Watch the vidéos..) : doing war with robots ? Not the best solution…(PW Singer). Do we love Data base and well organized information ? No, we want Raw Data Now (Tim Berners Lee). Do we only have 5 sens ? No, a six one is coming very soon (see our article). Do you have to suffer to be creative ? Not that sure…(Elizabeth Glibert). Have you seen Bill Gates with a Mac ? When we say unveiling….

By Dominique Piotet