Facebook released new terms for advertising providers Wednesday, clearly delineating policies that favor honesty and consumer rights. Some of the agreements for ad providers include: Limits on data collection, storage and usage including some prohibitions on developers sharing data with monetization providers Making available the contact information for all operators and employees of the ad provider, as well as contact info for developers or applications that the ad provider works with They cannot deny a user customer service if the user does not use the ad provider's application or does not provide personal information. Additionally, information gathered through an application cannot be used to tailor content, including ads Send a feed of all content to Facebook, and ensure that all content, tailoring efforts and user complaints are available Make sure that the means for a user to make a complaint are clear and conspicuous

These new terms are similar to the existing terms of service that users, developers and advertisers agreed to, as well as additional to the existing Facebook Advertising Guidelines, as Nick Gianos posted in the Facebook Developers Blog yesterday. While the previous TOS worked to make Facebook a safe and reliable place to monetize apps, the same could not be said for ads and offers.The social networking site still "does not directly approve or vet the content or services of any ad provider," Gianos notes. The developers are accountable for the app content, including ad content. "However," he continues, "this does ensure that we maintain an open line of communication directly with your monetization providers."

As ReadWriteWeb points out, terms such as the one separating ad providers with their apps is a significant move towards accountability and ethical business. In their example, a game that was created by a health care lobbyist paid players virtual currency to send representatives in Congress anti-health care reform letters.