In video ad network YuMe's recent analysis of their numbers, they found that the different ad formats had their own strengths and weaknesses. In the YuMe Video Ad Metrics January 2010 report, twelve months of key data and trends from in-stream video across their own network. YuMe served over three billion video ad impressions from January 2009 to December 2009. Top in-stream video advertising spending categories were Auto at 18 percent and consumer packaged goods. CPG Household ranked second at 15.4 percent, beauty third at 10.1 percent. By far the majority in YuMe online video ads were pre-roll commercials - rising from 81.5 percent to 92.6 percent throughout the year. While overlays made up over ten percent of all video ads in the fiscal year's first quarter, and in-banners nearly eight percent, the rise of pre-rolls squeezed them both down to less than two percent in the fourth quarter. Custom ads rose from practically zero in Q1 to over four percent by Q4.

For video performance, the average performance of a fifteen second pre-roll (seventy percent of total volume) showed trade-offs compared to a thirty second pre-roll (thirty percent of volume). While more of the short spots (71 percent) played to completion than the longer ads, (63 percent), there were higher click-through rates for the longer spots - nearly twice as many (1.5 percent vs. 0.8 percent).

Top audience demographics were reckoned with a combination of average click-through rate and video completion rate. 6-14 year-olds and over 35 years old had highest performance. The younger group had highest average CTR but lowest average video completion rate, while the older group had second highest CTR and highest completion rate.

Top requested demographic audiences by marketers are 25-54 year olds (13 percent). Of females, most requests were for 25-54 year olds (32 percent), and 22 percent of male-targeted were for 18-34 year olds.