In 2005, Business Week announced, “Blogs will change your business.” Blogs are now features. Today, media is richer and more interactive, but we rarely think about social metrics. Business Week says, “Social Media will chang

e your business.” The Social Network is a phenomenon of interest, which brings about an emergence of cliques and groups. You are always referring to someone.

There are different levels in the context of a conversation. First, the relevance: where is the signal in the noise? Because of the importance and the complexity of information, we have to put on filters and look at information in many different ways. Then, the mindset: what else do we know about individuals? And why are they producing so much noise? We have to analyze the language of recommendations, the level of intimacy and sharing experience, as well as the “invisible” language: reactions. Another level, the role: what are the patterns of a conversation? We have to identify what kind of people come into it and how they contribute. At last, the ecosystem: what is dynamic? There are three categories of people: those who are just answering, those who talk all together, and those who are included in a “several-talks” conversation with many connections.