FashionTech transitioning to a more responsible approach

  • 01 Mar
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FinTech can be fun!

  • 25 Aug
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Life @ work

The fine art of stimulating creativity at the company

Archive April 2017
Smart city

SXSW 2017: a smart home designed as a tech product

Archive March 2017
Smart city

Next is working to design road transport of the future

Archive November 2015
Life @ work

Quality branding design for small businesses via an algorithm

Archive January 2015
Smart city

"The Grid" harnesses AI to create your website

Archive November 2014

Mixed Dimensions brings 3D modeling and printing to a wider public

Archive April 2014
Smart city

Smart Tables: Further Improvements Needed for Classroom Integration

Archive May 2013
Smart city

Eyes Only: 3D objects can now be designed on a computer using...

Archive April 2013
Smart city

ITRedux and the Redux Model 1

Archive October 2007