Techcrunch 20 July 2018 See article

Waymo’s autonomous vehicles are driving 25,000 miles every day

L'Atelier BNP Paribas Americas atelier_us July 19, 2018

The challenge of teaching a helicopter to fly itself v/@wired #SelfDriving #FutureOfTransportation #SmartMobility

Smart city

Cyber Week 2018: the 10 challenges viewed from the Israeli ecosystem

  • 16 Jul
  • 20 min
IEEE Spectrum 12 July 2018 See article

35 years of progress for interactive home robots

Recode 12 July 2018 See article

Uber to win the Scooter Wars?

L'Atelier BNP Paribas Americas @atelier_us July 10, 2018

Toyota is launching a #CarSharing service in Honolulu, Hawaii v/@Toyota #SmartCity #FutureOfMobility

VentureBeat 03 July 2018 See article

Beijing is gaining on Silicon Valley and could be the next epicenter of the tech innovation economy

Smart city

Highway of the future revealing its potential in China

  • 28 Jun
  • 20 min
Bloomberg 28 June 2018 See article

Why scooter startup Bird has raised 300 million dollars

Fast Company 27 June 2018 See article

Cubic's new app will let commuters in Chicago, Boston, LA & New York buy tickets for multiple different transit systems in one place to plan trips that don't involve a car

MIT Technology Review 26 June 2018 See article

Shared autonomous vehicles could transform American cities built around car ownership

Smart city

Is digital technology really a force for equality?

  • 22 Jun
  • 10 min
Techcrunch 22 June 2018 See article

Urban transportation app Citymapper now lets you find on-demand bikes and scooters around you

Engadget 21 June 2018 See article

Volvo's new self-driving tech could let you sleep during your commute