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#Ridehailing services like @Uber and @Lyft made 65% more pickups than taxis did in #NYC in 2017

Techcrunch 22 March 2018 See article

Waymo shows off what it’s like to ride in a truly driverless self-driving car

Smart city

Are electric vehicles really the future of the car industry?

  • 13 Mar
  • 10 min
The Verge 12 March 2018 See article

Texas town ditches its bus service for ride-sharing app Via

Smart city

Connected intersections a key factor for smart mobility

  • 09 Mar
  • 10 min
Smart city

Power storage now a fertile field for innovation

  • 06 Mar
  • 10 min
Techcrunch 06 March 2018 See article

Uber’s autonomous trucks are now doing actual work for customers via Uber Freight, the commercial cargo shipping on-demand app

Techcrunch 02 March 2018 See article

Toyota creates a new advanced research company fo focus on self-driving

Wired 28 February 2018 See article

Volvo has launched its very own in-house VC fund to invest in startups it believes could help it keep pace in a shape shifting auto industry

MIT Technology Review 27 February 2018 See article

Is Ride-hailing pulling people off public transit?

Techcrunch 26 February 2018 See article

May Mobility raises $11.5 million to deploy self-driving shuttle fleets

VentureBeat 22 March 2018 See article

Uber and Citymapper show how technology is blurring the line between public and private transport