Techcrunch 17 May 2018 See article

Another dockless electric scooter company is launching in San Francisco

Smart city

Blockchain: an indispensable tool of future government?

  • 11 May
  • 10 min
Smart city

Electric micro-mobility making strides in San Francisco

  • 09 May
  • 10 min
Finextra 22 May 2018 See article

Mastercard and Microsoft to combine data and experience platforms for more connected and inclusive cities

MIT Technology Review 07 May 2018 See article

New mapping system using GPS data and lidar sensors for smarter autonomous cars

Smart city

Circular economy gaining ground in megacities

  • 04 May
  • 10 min
Wired 03 May 2018 See article

Bike-share is becoming part of the US urban fabric

Techcrunch 02 May 2018 See article

Launch of MOBI, the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, a new research blockchain group for automotive industry

Fast Company 01 May 2018 See article

Will facial recognition be more widely deployed in airports?

New Atlas 30 April 2018 See article

22Motors' electric scooter's software uses AI to adapt to its riders' habits

Techcrunch 24 April 2018 See article

Ford GoBikes deploys, in turn, electric bikes in San Francisco

Engadget 19 April 2018 See article

In San Francisco, the electric scooters aren't going away but will be more regulated

The Verge 18 April 2018 See article

Chevrolet is teaming up with Shell to enable drivers to pay for gas from inside their cars

Smart city

Will privately- owned towns drive the development of smart cities?

  • 13 Apr
  • 10 min
VentureBeat 09 April 2018 See article

Uber acquires electric bicycle-sharing startup Jump Bikes