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The US Postal Service Is Building a Self-Driving Mail Truck

Smart city
Belo Horizonte: from mining industry to San Pedro Valley
  • 10 Oct
Smart city
Startup Aegro wants Porto Alegre to embrace AgTech
  • 06 Oct
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OpenGov gives smaller smart cities the same tools than the big ones!

VentureBeat 29 September 2017 See article

Autonomous cars will cause a surge in car customization

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Just like Uber, Lyft wants to provide services to seniors

Smart city

Autonomous vehicles may give car hire firms a new lease on life

  • 14 Sep
  • 10 min
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Japan trials driverless cars to help elderly people get around in rural areas

Smart city

Smart Valleys, an entrepreneurial odyssey through emerging countries

  • 11 Sep
  • 10 min
Harvard Business Review 24 October 2017 See article

Amazon is looking for a smart city for its 2nd headquarters

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The Promises and Pitfalls of Tech-Driven Justice

Atelier BNP Paribas atelier_us August 31, 2017

Dutch Will Use Wind Power to Green Airports, But Solar is the Future Elsewhere

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How open data and social networks are improving disaster management

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How will California's solar grid react to the eclipse?

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Travelers positive on biometrics identification as a replacement for passport