Display ad retargeter Bizo gives marketers tools to best convert their professional potential customers. Retargeting has been an important trend lately for B2C marketers, but B2B marketers are starting to adopt it too with services like Bizo.

Ad retargeting is becoming a B2B business


The trend of retargeting has been gaining steam in online marketing, but usually as a B2C service. Business audience marketing firm Bizo connects marketers with professionals, providing targeting across 80 percent of the US business population. Bizo is the next step from this type of B2C marketing into the B2B environment. Sites like Rocket Fuel or FetchBack win back window shoppers for customer-oriented businesses, and larger companies have robust marketing departments. But for smaller companies with a limited budget, as well as those that are only just now augmenting their current marketing strategy with display ads, self-serve from Bizo could be the right level of product. Retargeting is a marketing strategy that is here to stay, and Bizo is making it accessible to an underserved part of the online economy.

Self-serve retargeting for B2B ads

It lets companies access a self-serve marketing tool that retargets B2B ads for relatively little investment. Companies that utilize the Bizo Marketing Platform target their online marketing programs to the business professional audience. The platform collects anonymous business demographic data including industry, company size, job function, seniority and other factors through its partners via subscription information, registrations and other sources. Bizo is a third-party certified online business audience data provider that is powered by valid but non-personally identifiable data.

Generating leads is a major challenge

According to Bizo, generating enough leads is the “single biggest online marketing challenge.” Bizo helps its clients convert more leads by retargeting display ads to people who have visited their website. The conversion rate is higher than other ad campaigns since it focuses on individuals who have been interested in a brand. Not only does the platform improve display ad performance, but it also increases efficacy of other ad channels, since the brand is more consistently present in the professional’s online experience. Bizo Retargeting, Self-Service Edition includes website audience reporting and analytics to help marketers understand their website audience’s business demographic and see which audiences are converting. These insights provide feedback so marketers can tailor their campaigns for maximum impact.

By Ivory King