"This is the beginning of a revolution," said Tom Wallace, editorial director of Condé Nast, about the WIRED Reader for the iPad, released yesterday. While readers of the technology culture magazine have long been familiar with

sleek design and innovative formats in the print version of the magazine, the digital version will offer much more.

The subject of a year-long collaboration between Adobe and publisher Condé Nast, the project represents what can be done with added functionality to InDesign, the publishing program most often known for graphic and layout design for print. With its expanded domain, the magazine can embody what its parent company refers to in the New York Times' Media Coder blog as "author once, publish everywhere."

For the June issue, featuring "Toy Story 3" on the cover, the digital version's price is the same as the newsstand version: $4.99, and readers will experience new material for every section of the magazine - more images as well as illustrative video, audio and interactive graphics. Even the advertisements are enhanced - for brands who want to pay extra to be a "premium advertiser," they can also offer the same types of multimedia and interaction that the articles can.

This immersive content is a preview for other forms that advertisement can take. As an Adobe blog post explains, with "this new digital magazine medium, publishers can expand their ad inventory offerings, offer advertisers exciting new advertising possibilities and establish value for immersive digital ads."

Presently dubbed the "Digital Magazine Solution," the software tightly interacts with Adobe's Creative Suite 5. Because of this, Adobe expects that designers and content creators currently familiar with CS programs can easily incorporate these enhanced capabilities with minimum learning investment. Omniture analytics will be integrated into the toolkit to give publishers data on how consumers interact with content and advertising within the app.