The AgentPair app provides fast connections between real estate agents and people in a hurry to purchase a property.

AgentPair is looking to ‘uberise’ the real estate business

 ‟A new generation of homebuyers for whom the time factor is crucial will soon be arriving on the market. Nowadays there are services such as Uber, Instacart and Postmates that give the consumer what s/he wants almost instantaneously. The real estate sector is currently not yet at this level. The industry is taking time to innovate and consequently there’s real potential for strong disruption,” points out AgentPair founder Clark Giguiere.



AgentPair, which made it on to the short list for the Inman Innovator Awards 2015, an event designed to highlight the latest innovations in the real estate world, is looking to become the Uber of real estate. The company has developed an app, on which house-hunters can submit a request for a tour of a given property or properties. Partnering real estate agents will then be informed by SMS of this interest. The AgentPair solution is designed to reduce to a minimum the time-lag between the moment when a potential buyer states his/her interest in having tour of a piece of real estate and the appointment to view the property. Everything is done without having to pick up the phone.

L'interface de communication entre agents et particuliers

     The AgentPair app puts real estate agents and potential buyers in touch with each other

The California-based startup is not really planning to bring about a radical transformation of the industry. Its basic aim is rather to considerably improve the customer experience. ‟We’re not entering the market to re-invent the wheel! We work with real estate agents all across the United States. The idea is to bring added value to this market,” explains Clark Giguiere. Nevertheless, AgentPair is re-writing the rules of the game among sector players and its app is definitely going to put real estate agents in a given market in competition with each other.

By Pauline Canteneur