Over 90% of Internet users in the US know about Twitter, but studies show low usage numbers. With slow adoption levels, Twitter may not achieve the high projected revenues strategists have seen.

While most Americans are familiar with Facebook and Twitter, the percentage of users are extremely different - while over ninety percent have heard of these social media services, over half use Facebook and only eight percent use Twitter. The Arbitron and Edison Research report "The Social Habit 2011" shows just how little Twitter appeals to the actual Internet user.

Over half of Americans have a profile on one social network or more, mostly thanks to Facebook. Approximately 46 million people in this country check these sites several times per day. This habitual use is strengthened by mobile access - 56 percent of frequent social network users own smartphones and 64 percent use a mobile phone to access these sites.

Less than one third of Americans are familiar with location-based options like Foursquare and Facebook Places, while only four percent use them.

Another study worded Twitter adoption slightly differently - among US Internet users, usage had risen from eight percent in Fall 2010 to thirteen percent in May 2011, according to Pew Internet & American Life Project numbers. While Facebook encourages membership and frequent usage, Twitter may not - eMarketer estimates that only eleven percent of Internet users will access Twitter at least monthly.

While research does not indicate that Twitter usage is flattening, the microblogging service has not yet made its value apparent to the majority of potential users. While eMarketer projected their advertising revenues to rise to $140 million in 2011 and $225 million in 2012, they may not reach this level due to lukewarm traffic uptake.

By Ivory King