Mobile startup AppGlu gives business people a direct interface with their app. They can update and manage content and even use targeted marketing with their analytics platform.


Brands can more directly update and augment their mobile app when they use the development platform AppGlu. When businesses have new content or get more data about how their customers use the app, AppGlu offers a web-based Control Center that enables them to do directly, rather than working through technical staff or remotely working developers. This simplified approach gives brands a way to easily manage or update content as well as deliver personalized content to their users, gain insight on content performance and engagement, as well as drive app users with retargeted messages based on usage preferences and behavior.

Non-developers can update content with spreadsheets or external sources

New content is key for apps to continue to engage customers, and AppGlu’s Content Center aims to make adding or updating content as easy as possible. The Content Center provides a space for previewing, testing, and publishing changes. Managing content occurs on an Excel-like spreadsheet or custom form, giving marketers and other staff a more intuitive interface that they can use without working through a developer. Data can also be pulled from preset sources such as Salesforce, Facebook, Oracle, etc. with the Content Sync Engine, as well as from other external sources. Customizations are also available so that users see content according to their behavior and preferences that is more relevant and engaging.

Brands can deliver personalized experiences powered by behavior metrics

Beyond content management, AppGlu’s other features give even more flexibility to brand apps. The AppGlu Insight Center delivers metrics in realtime on app performance that gives more detail than click-throughs and screen views. The content analytics provide effect data from push notifications and custom emails to gauge the success of campaigns, and aggregates other analytics data sources from Google, iTunes Connect or Twitter. The Engagement Center provides a place to put these insights into action - the app administrator can build and deploy personalized messages, target user subsets, and time delivery. These features can all be used without requiring a developer, and after the app has launched.

By Ivory King