Apple and AT&T responded to yesterday's iPhone 4 pre-order meltdown with their own press releases this morning. As quoted in full by John Paczkowski of Digital Daily, over 600,000 units were reserved yesterday, the largest number

of pre-orders Apple has ever taken on a single day, and as their statement explains, "was far higher than we anticipated."

AT&T clarifies the scope of the event, which resulted in an overwhelmed system and frustrated customers, including press members and celebrities, according to the San Francisco Examiner. In AT&T's statement, the mobile carrier clarifies that sales numbers were ten times higher than the first day of last year's iPhone 3GS pre-ordering. Due to these system demands, AT&T suspended orders yesterday.

The scope of the technical difficulties extended from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce sites. Apple had to halt sales when order and approval systems and supplies ran out, as reported by Asia One Business. Quoted analysts say the new iPhone will outsell the last model, sales of which reached one million units in three days. Another analyst in the same article predicted device sales could reach 10 million per quarter, provided that Apple can meet demand.

The shipping date for the new iPhone model has changed twice today - this morning by Apple from June 24 to July 2 and once more to July 14. Paczkowski ventures a guess to the series of date changes - "Did extraordinary demand drive the company to do so? Or another issue–perhaps the same one that made the white iPhone 4 unavailable for pre-order?"

The explosive response to the new model of the iPhone does beg for explanation. Perhaps the infamous Gizmodo purchase-leak-raid helped to create the phenomenon - it seems impossible that the chain of events could have hindered the release numbers.