Apple is testing an innovative application meant to revolution customers’ experience and retail operations in physical stores, in its Apple stores across the US. Apple customers don't need their credit card anymore to shop Apple products.

Thanks to the app, iOS users can shop Apple products through Apple products or in stores without even having to go to a register. “Apple is reportedly expecting a 30% increase in sales at retail stores from this program, and it will only be available in the U.S. for now”, BGR says.

Apple wants to change the purchase and delivery process

Users can shop an Apple product in only 12 minutes in Apple Stores. It takes 12 minutes for the order to go through the system (3 min), for employees to take it off the shelf (2 min) and then get everything else concerning the purchase in order (7 min). Customers will be able to literally walk into the Apple Store, skip lines, skip registers, get their products, sign for them and leave. Even better, users can buy a product directly off a shelf in store; they just have to pick up the item they want and snap a picture of its bar code. The app recognizes the product and the user just has to click to buy the product. The system uses customers’ Apple ID to process the payment. Technically, once they did this, customers can just walk right out of the Apple store.

Apple wants to revolutionize payment in-store

The app processes the payment by using the users’ Apple ID. In other words, they don’t need their credit card anymore to purchase Apple products. However, users have to register their payment details upstream to create an Apple ID account, and they have to prove they are the owners of Apple ID used for the transaction by signing. Apple launched this app in its physical US stores as a test and to study costumer behaviours. It certainly hopes to revolution the payment infrastructure for retail stores.

By Delphine Prediger