At Atelier, we are thrilled to announce that –including,,, and is now an exciting expert Contributor of Atelier's web site. As a new contributor to Atelier, Ubergizmo wil

l share with us its expertise in the high-tech industry with a special insight into the world of gizmos. is a trendy web magazine dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. It was founded by Hubert and Eliane in Palo Alto at the heart of Silicon Valley (California) where they both work. Ubergizmo is an independent web site that does not rely on advertising to run (although they do display it). This allows them to be truly free to say what they think, even if it does not please the manufacturers. To make their content spicy and enjoyable for their readers, they have a secret: they blog from their kitchen. On the web “…I just found some neat stuff at Ubergizmo”, “...and as a reader, I’ll look at Gizmodo’s list and at Ubergizmo’s and make my own list” (Jeff Jarvis - Creator of Entertainment Weekly) “Another day, another great new tech-gadget blog on our desktop. Ubergizmo has been getting great information on all kinds of gadgetry of late…” (USA Today “Hot Sites”) “OK technophiles, here’s a site you’ll want to visit and bookmark as soon as possible. From cell phones to digital cameras and from music players to the web, is an uber site if you like to stay plugged into what’s next.” (KYW News Radio 1060 Web Picks) “We have another confession. We've been cheating on our favorite gadget weblogs. We've been lured in by the colorfulness and lucidity of newcomer Ubergizmo. Oh, the others need not worry. We'll keep them around like scarlet mistresses.” ( What people say "The growing popularity of tech-site Ubergizmo has opened up new doors for us to extend our editorial coverage to a whole new market of Ubergeeks.” (Christian Harris, editor of BIOS  and GadgetryBlog) "Being associated with Ubergizmo helps expose to a wider audience. Additionally solid traffic increases comes with each co-published story." ( Ron, editor of Ployer) And I ask myself, "Is this a real blog or just a tech gadget teaser site?" I really don't care. Any site that shows me tech gadgets that I want 8 out of every 10 items displayed is cool in my book. While quite a few might never reach US shelves, it is a good place to see the new directions tech creativeness may take us. (Claus) Ubergizmo, it's also : By Mathieu Ramage     FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at