Audiodraft is a crowdsourcing platform that connects brands with audio designers form around the world. By organizing a contest, brands can outsource audio production and generate social conversation.

Audiodraft : when audio production becomes a marketing campaign


Crowdsourcing is slowly becoming a legitimate way for companies to outsource projects or production work. San Francisco and Helsinki based Audiodraft is a crowdsourcing platform for sound design, a place for brands and audio designers to connect and create projects together. Teemu, Arto and Tommi, Audiodraft’s three Finnish co-founders, are fierce advocates of audio branding and consider it a major aspect of a brand’s identity. Whether they need an audio logo, a soundtrack for a TV commercial, a jingle or sound design for an electronic device, companies can go to the platform and publish a contest among 16.000 sound designers from 90 countries.

Crowdsourcing connects brands to a wide community of audio designers

Crowdsourcing is somewhat risky – there is no guarantee to find what you are looking for – but it has other advantages: simplicity, choice and the access to end-results. To publish a contest, brands need to write a brief, select a license (worldwide licenses that cover all types of media) and set a prize for the winner. Brands have to pay a $99 fee to post a contest, and Audiodraft charges a price-handling fee of 10% on the prize offered by the brand. Aside from the contests, Audiodraft is also launching a “marketplace” for entries that haven’t won, co-founder Teemu Yli-Hollo said. Audiodraft team members handpick the best creations and lets brands buy an exclusive license for those.

Contests work as marketing campaigns

On top of engaging music composers, the Audiodraft contests are designed to engage social network users, through audio. Users can share entries on social networks, post comments, etc. As Teemu Yli-Hollo explained “ The contests work as huge marketing campaigns because you can share on social media, and audio production therefore generates conversation about the brand online.” For instance, Nokia’s recent Audiodraft contest for new ringtones got 6.000 entries, which were played 10 million times in only 4 weeks. Tracks were shared not only among the Audiodraft community, but also across social media, giving great visibility to the brand online. 

By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager