Palo Alto based Agile Diagnosis built an interactive web and mobile platform providing clinicians with contextual information to help them make better decisions when treating a patient.

An "augmented" clinical reasoning can help doctors diagnose their patients

Even good doctors can misdiagnose a patient. When someone walks into a doctor’s office saying they have a headache, the pain they’re describing can mean very different things. As Agile Diagnosis co-founder and CEO Borna Safabakhsh explained us, doctors have to interpret a patient’s symptoms, with very limited amount of time to devote to each patient. In order to avoid misdiagnoses, clinicians need to have access to the right information immediately – and the 70 pages documents available out there don’t exactly respond to this basic need. Agile Diagnosis, backed by Y Combinator and Rock Health, leverages the increased penetration of mobile devices in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices, to give them access to this information in a smooth, easy and reliable way.

A B2B web and mobile app…

As Borna Safabakhsh tells l’Atelier, there is plenty of medical literature out there – academic publications, information published by governments and clinicians… But what was really missing is a place where clinicians can find consensus-based best practices and guidelines without wasting time. Agile Diagnosis gives them access to contextual information, primary and secondary literature very easily. By simply clicking on a hyperlink, clinicians can find the clinical evidence, expert advice and references. All those resources are updated in real-time, allowing clinicians to stay informed and know “where current methods are going, what the current diagnoses are” Borna Safabakhsh explains. Instead of wasting time reading heavy medical documents, doctors can spend more time with their patients.

… Providing clinical guidance for better decision-making

While some apps already exist that gather industry best practices, Borna Safabakhsh believes most of them are pretty much like textbooks. What Agiles Diagnosis brings to the table is an interactive interface that focuses on reasoning. The startup built its web and mobile platform in a very visual way meant to match clinical reasoning and give physicians step-by-step clinical guidance. It “methodically narrows the differential using evidence-based clinical clues. Sensitivities, specificities, likelihood ratios, and post-test probabilities are included.” Thanks to this interface, Agile Diagnosis aims to educate clinicians and help them take the right decision for their patients. 

By Alice Gillet
English editorial manager