Badgeville recently acquired, the first online resource about gamification. The tech giant wants to develop the B2B content of this wiki in order to educate companies and share industry best practices.

Badgeville buys to educate companies about gamification

Behavior platform Badgeville, which helps its clients bring gamified experiences to their users, has been positioning itself as a leader on its market – gamification services for companies. In order to strengthen their image, the tech giant recently acquired, a resource and community site dedicated to gamification. The site is a wiki format, with user-curated and user-submitted entries about gamification news and best practices.

The leading online community resource on gamification typically contains definitions of the term “gamification”, articles and books on the topic, videos from experts, a community portal, examples of gamified programs, etc. The acquisition of this collaborative online resource is highly strategic for Badgeville. On top of being the first online resource about gamification, it also owns the user name and handle “@Gamification” on Twitter and Facebook – which, holds great value for anyone wanting to position themselves as an expert on social networks.

Badgeville wants to use it to educate companies about gamification

As Badgeville CEO Kris Duggan explained, “Badgeville is committed to not only enabling world-class companies to deploy gamification techniques, but also to leading the charge in sharing best practices and education for the entire industry,” “This acquisition will enable us to offer world-class best practices on how to deploy gamification across a variety of industries” Badgeville intends on developing the B2B content of this community group to make it a reference on how gamification impacts the enterprise and how to develop one’s own gamification program.