Mindmeld is designed to analyse ongoing iPad audio and video conversations and provide the users with related supporting information in real time.

Next Big Thing in Conversation Tools: Relevant Info in Real Time

Audio and video tools shouldn’t just be making connections between people and enabling them to share their existing information. They should actually be able to put forward suggestions as well. This is the idea that prompted Expect Labs, a San Francisco-based startup, to create an iPad application called MindMeld.  Scheduled for launch soon, Mindmeld uses a system of voice recognition to analyse audio and video conversations and then, on the user’s request, search for information and background material relating to the conversation topic. The app then posts the information - photos, video, articles, links, maps, etc - on the iPad screen. The basic aim of this multitasking conversation assistant is to enable conversations to flow more easily, to make it easier to share information and hence to increase the efficiency of the exchange.

Instantaneous information search

To activate the system, all the user needs to do is to connect to Mindmeld from his/her Facebook account. Whether it’s a phone call, a video conference or a meeting that is going on, the conversation will usually throw up the name of a person known to the participants, the title of a book, the name of a town, a restaurant or any number of such references. If a conversation is already underway, the system will post content related to these items on an ongoing basis. You can also launch a specific new search. If, for example, you hear a place name during the conversation, all you need to do is touch the light bulb icon and the iPad will launch a fast search for details of that place.

Choosing to share

The app combines language analysis and information retrieval software.  When a conversation is taking place, it will work out the topic of discussion and offer up relevant information on the iPad screen. The user is then able to choose items on which s/he would like to obtain more detailed information. A drag-and-drop functionality also allows you to share information with the other people in the conversation and/or post it to the social networks.  Moreover a timeline of each chat is saved in the cloud, enabling participants to subsequently re-access all information provided by Mindmeld.