Peak Week - the most important holiday period for online traffic - creates an opportunity for marketers to convert the high online traffic into actual transactions even though stores are closed, thanks to online shopping.

Black Friday ranks 1st for online traffic to retailers' sites, Cyber Monday for transactions

Experian just released a study on what they called "Peak Week" – the year’s most critical week for retailers, from the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.  The study found that not only does Peak Week drive a lot of traffic to online stores through search, but it is also the most important week in terms of transactions and volume.

Peak Week: From search-driven traffic to online transactions

Thanksgiving Day used to be the number one holiday day for online traffic to retailers’ sites and virtual stores – recently overtaken by Black Friday. According to Experian, Black Friday online traffic increased by 13% last year and online traffic for Cyber Monday increased by 16%. One could assume that Thanksgiving Day online traffic is mostly due to people researching online the best deals they will be able to get at physical store on Black Friday. However, Experian found that this online traffic is not simply research-driven. It actually comes with a huge volume of online transactions. In other words, not only do people visit retailers’ sites but they also stay online to make their purchases. When looking at Holiday ranking by actual transactions and volume, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are at the top of the list.

Consumers' behaviors over Peak Week constitute the best holiday marketing and sales opportunities for retailers

According to the study, consumers are more likely to do their holiday shopping during Peek Weak online than in physical stores. The “four days during Peak Week appear in the top 10 for highest transaction rate, which means there are bigger opportunities for marketers during this week" said Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Experian Marketing Services. In other words, the Experian study suggests marketing is crucial for retailers in the days before Thanks Giving. Not only can they drive traffic to online sites and stores, but this traffic actually results in incredibly high transaction rates and volume. 

By Delphine Prediger