is the first to offer an innovative service delivering full screen, TV quality, and interactive Web television to users. Blinkx, located in San Francisco and London, unveiled a new service called BBTV on Wednesday, A

pril 2. The service is an advanced Web viewing platform enabling users to view high quality, on demand videos while simultaneously interacting online to find information related to what they are watching.

For example, let’s say a user is watching an episode of Heroes and wants to learn more about the show and the cast members. The Transcription Feature allows the user to “shift-click” on a word in the speech track to learn more about a person, location or object within the video. Even better, users can search, literally word-for-word, and jump to specific points in a program, simply by searching for a spoken word.

Not to worry, the transcription feature is optional, so users can merely sit back and watch a program in full screen, if surfing the Web and viewing a program requires too much multi-tasking.

What sparked the interactive features for Web viewing pleasure? “The Web is the largest repository of connected information in the world – on any subject and from myriad sources. BBTV delivers television over the Internet, but it also fuses that TV with the wealth of information on the Web, rather than appearing as just another layer floating above it” explained Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx.

The service requires a small download but is free of charge and free of ads, at least for now.

All content appearing on BBTV is delivered over an encrypted network and protected by Microsoft DRM technologies.

Furthermore, blinkx BBTV claims to have about 250 content partners, including Dogwoof Pictures, a U.K. film distributor specializing in independent films, and will continue to add new content on an ongoing basis.

By Kathleen Clark
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