Business Intelligence applications can have high value for companies' strategy. Those applications are on the edge of a vast movement of data visualization, market knowledge openness and global investments.

Bloomberg Interactive Maps (BMAP) is an application dedicated to give a better knowledge of markets by getting more correlated data regarding worldwide events and infrastructures. Bloomberg is a decision-helping tool one of its kind.

BMAP is an interactive mapping tool that analyzes realtime data based on Microsoft Bing Maps and Microsoft Silverlight. Specific attention has been given to make product as fast and smart as possible. BMAP is presented as a cutting-edge tool with a unique approach regarding Silverlight’s applications. Contrary to others, Bloomberg isn't a browser application but has its own interface.

Bloomberg Interactive Maps for Energy and Commodities (BMAP) has been founded by Andre Parris, formerly Wall Street trader on oil market. He has imagined its product as a response to a need that he notices while working for financial markets. There wasn't any software capable of giving worldwide accurate data.

BMAP lets users to obtain very fast and efficient data on market's state. Application allows to visualize activities and events in realtime by giving a global vision on data and building complex explication models regarding analyzed data. Users have the possibility to combine multiple databases in one capable to determine relationships, recurring patterns and events' consequences. BMAP is a realtime prediction tool that lets users make investment choices more wisely.

Analyzed data can be from very different types. Data on sea infrastructures, satellite imagery, realtime weather data... BMAP follows hurricans, typhoons, tropical moussons in realtime all around the world. Even more impressive, BMAP lets the user know in realtime state of industrial infrastructures such as oil or gaz and power.

By Sergi Herrero
Directeur général de L'Atelier BNP Paribas US