This startup firm will check your web profile and provide you with tools to improve the visibility of relevant links and positive information about you

BrandYourself Helps Manage your Personal Brand

While businesses already have the tools they need to enhance their web listings and improve their company profiles, individual people often do not. And an inappropriate photo or negative item of information could damage your chances of being recruited or getting a customer to sign a contract. This is where BrandYourself  comes in – or hopes to. This startup business is offering a service working on individual people’s e-reputations. "We optimise the top results posted by Google on the basis of a name search so that the search results convey positive information," Patrick Ambron, BrandYourself co-founder and CEO, explained to L'Atelier. This is a service that could be of interest to companies as well, given that their reputation also depends on the company image as portrayed by their staff. It’s not hard to see how such tools could help a company’s staff to optimise their online presence, one particularly useful suggestion being for example that they should specialise in a given field.

A Do-it-Yourself platform

The first step is to create a profile, for example on a social network. The BrandYourself platform will search for results on the name given and will show the initial results. Having ranked these results as positive, negative or irrelevant, BrandYourself then suggests various ways to improve their positioning. "The goal is really to optimise the results for your name on Google, to use various techniques to improve the ranking of the positive results," Ambron went on. It may be a matter of the actual content. For example making sure you use your real name to improve the positioning of a particular social network page through the key word function, or regularly updating your profile or a particular website. It may also help to use structural or link-sending techniques e.g. getting the URL of your personal website posted on the various social networks you use.

Maximising the quality of your reputation

You can also run links which do not feature in the top Google results by BrandYourself so as to obtain advice on improving their position. Nevertheless, the positioning of links on a search engine, which is of course very important indeed, is however not the only source of information because Google is not the only search tool out there. Apart from the dedicated sites, such as 123people, which aggregate content on a name, social networks also enable users to find information directly, even information on another user’s private life. Patrick Ambron underlines: "In terms of research, Google is far and away the number one tool used. But of course, if you want your personal CV – or links to other information about you – to come up on Google then the links must be clean." It should be stressed that BrandYourself doesn’t automatically do the job for you. It’s up to the user to polish up the quality of his/her profile, using the tools provided by the platform. However, BrandYourself is keen to make reputation management accessible to everyone, and is planning to provide a simplified version free of charge in March.