Web-based mobile app builder AppsBar gives hopeful developers the means to make apps about anything for Android, iPhone and iPad.

AppsBar wants to bring mobile app development to anyone who wants to make their own applications for Android or iOS. In keeping with the DIY spirit of such platforms as Game Salad, which gives non-programmers the tools to make their own video games, AppsBar lets users create functional apps for free.

The Web-based application builder prioritizes simple, consistent navigation with step-by-step instructions. At no point does AppsBar want the user to feel lost or frustrated. While there are preset app types to help the building process along, there is deeper customizability as well.

From the name, app icon and loading screen to publishing properties, AppsBar's wizard "Digi" guides users through the app-making process. There also are additional suggestions built into the navigation in hint pop-ups. A simple app can take as little as twenty minutes to build, according to AppsBar's FAQ.

The service is free to use, but app creators can only make free apps. It also gives users the means to create apps that will not be rejected by app store guidelines - oversimplicity, offensiveness, etc. All this for no cost, which is unique in this nascent category - as IntoMobile comments, there are quite a few app building services, but none are free.

Other available app features are an event notifier, form builder, RSS and social network integration and a soundboard. The event notifier can perform push notifications to those who have downloaded the app, while the soundboard can give users unique app sound notifiers.

App category presets cover wide subjects, from personal and celebrity sites to those optimized for places of worship. This writer is looking forward to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster App to be published. Or possibly build it myself.

By Ivory King