The investment world is rapidly entering the social networking portal to create online investment communities.   Web sites such as Bullpoo, The Motley Fool, and Stocktickr function much like social networking sites Myspace and Fac

ebook but with the purpose of sharing investment knowledge and experience.   Instead of jumping into the investment pool without practice, Bullpoo enables a range of investors—from newcomers to seasoned veterans—to test the market before they start throwing serious money into stocks.   The goal is to educate investors in the changing world of the stock market and to make sure the money put into the stock market is well spent. By utilizing forums such as blogs and finance communities, these Web sites enable users to share their expertise with one another and gain valuable investment experience prior to actually investing.   Bullpoo gives new users a portfolio of $1 million dollars to spend as they wish, even allowing them to make predictions on real stock market companies and tracking their accuracy. Investors can network with other like-minded investors, sharing information and research to better utilize their virtual dollars in real time.   In doing so, the users become more knowledgeable about the investment world. Newcomers swap information with experienced professionals and they each build their reputation.   Though the experience is good, much of the information and education comes via blogging. Users share information from stock market research to personal experience and opinion. Like other social networking sites, Bullpoo users can customize their blogs, including the name of the Web site and the template, and they can syndicate them to sites like Google, AOL, NetVibes, and Yahoo! for more exposure.   By Danny Scuderi   Feedback on an Article? E-mail us at