Harvest provides small businesses and freelancers simple reporting with powerful tools. Time tracking, logging expenses, and invoicing clients are a few of the special features provided by Harvest. A service of Iridesco, Harves

t is a simple and fairly inexpensive web application for the small business owner or freelancer looking to keep track of where time is going.

The application is easy and takes minutes to set up, and prices vary according to the level of business.

A freelancer, for instance, can manage up to 20 projects and send up to 30 invoices a month for $12 a month. The more elaborate “Business” plan starts at $90 a month and allows for 10 active users on the account, unlimited active projects, unlimited invoicing, and 128-bit SSL security, among other features.

The great thing about Harvest is that they don’t charge for set up or cancellation. Moreover, you can change plans without penalty. For example, a freelancer that is bringing in more than 20 projects one month can upgrade their account to the “Basic” $40 a month plan and work on unlimited projects. Conversely, the account can be downgraded when business slows.

For anyone worried about security, Harvest offers built-in IT support. What this means is a Harvest team monitors the application around the clock, ensuring the system is always in top working order. In addition, Harvest is hosted on secured and reliable servers, and the data is backed-up daily.

Even better, Harvest has added Twitter support. Once users link their Twitter account to their Harvest account, they can add an expense (i.e. a business lunch) or stop the tracking timer (i.e. if you forgot to “punch out” before leaving the office) by sending a command to a Harvest Twitter client.

The Harvest-Twitter combo is “a start of bringing extra business use cases to Twitter," explained Danny Wen of Harvest to readwriteweb.com.

Business time tracking and invoicing can be cumbersome tasks, but Harvest aims to make it easy and manageable for entrepreneurs at any level.

By Kathleen Clark
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