The Casino retailing group hopes to use the C'Vous (It’s You) site to get consumers involved in the creation of retail products. They will also be able to influence what is in stock at their local shops.

Casino Gets Customers Involved through Co-Creation and Going Local


Should customers get in on the decision-making process for products and services that they will subsequently find in their local supermarket? Casino Group, having asked itself this question, has just launched C'Vous in France. The purpose of this online platform is to give the customers, or potential customers, of the various companies of the Group the opportunity to think about what should be on sale in tomorrow’s world. On the site, a customer can give an opinion on existing products and services or suggest new ones. Explains Adrien Moreira, who heads up the project, C'Vous is: "a space for co-creation between the Casino Group and its customers to build the service offer." Accordingly, the C'Vos idées (It’s Your ideas) space enables any consumer to suggest an idea which will be submitted to the customer community for assessment.

A local dimension

The proposal which receives the highest marks will then be assessed by Group management and may perhaps one day get on to the shelves. The website also gives visitors the opportunity to have a say, via the C'Votre magasin (It’s Your shop) page, in the products that their local store carries. On this page the visitor can, for example, give his/her opinion on local products on offer in some shops. The visitor can also for instance suggest to one of the Casino shops that it ought to be working with a given small local – i.e. based within a 60km radius of the shop – producer or that it should carry a certain local product. The purpose of the initiative is to increase customer loyalty by focussing on customers’ everyday concerns. The website also has a more traditional side with its Community page.

Displaying popular products in prime position

In addition to making suggestions, customers can, on the C'Vos produits (It’s Your products) page, vote on their favourite products, whether they are national brands or retailer’s own brands, which will then be displayed prominently in the shop. Consumers registered on the site will be invited to an ideas-exchange forum, a blog, and a Facebook page. "The site aims to be a space for customers to exchange ideas. The site belongs to them, not to the brand," insists Adrien Moreira, adding that the quality of the site content "will depend on how active the visitors are". Business Lab agency accompanied the group in the design and implementation of C'Vous. In fact Mulino Bianco, Barilla’s biscuit brand, launched a similar website several years ago. Nel Mulino che Vorrei (At the Mulino that You’d like to see) enabled consumers to vote on ideas suggested by members of the customer community, with the aim of seeing them subsequently implemented by the group.