The Casino Group, an international retailer headquartered in France, is set to launch mCasino, an NFC-enabled mobile application, which will allow shoppers to order either remotely or using the in-store Near Field Communication system. The shopper can then either take his purchases with him or have them delivered.

Casino Group to Launch Single Mobile App for Both In-Store and Online Shopping

As part of its experiments with multi-channel shopping, Casino has just announced the forthcoming launch of mCasino NFC, a mobile app using contactless technology, whose purpose is to offer seamless remote-and-in-store shopping. The application provides for all the various interchanges that a customer might wish to have with the supermarket - purchasing items, obtaining information, customer loyalty-related initiatives, and so on. It will enable you to order products from your home and have them delivered, make your in-store shopping more interactive, and allow Casino to send offers to you the customer.  When you’re at the bricks-and-mortar store, you’ll be able to call up information on any product that interests you - name, price, etc - by pointing your mobile device at the NFC label on each item. You can then add it to your shopping basket – or not if you don’t want to make the purchase. If the products the shopper is interested in carry the Casino brand, s/he will also be able to access more comprehensive information, such as ingredients, nutritional composition, information on environmental issues, or video clips.

An entire relationship loaded into one application

Using the information appendixes, customers will also be able to set up filters.  You might wish for example to request that no product containing gluten be included in any offer sent to you. When it comes to paying for your purchases and getting them home, the system offers two options. Either you can put items in your trolley after flashing the NFC code, then pay simply by placing your mobile device on the NFC reader at the checkout and take your goods with you. Or alternatively, just select the items you want to buy, pay for them, and have them delivered. So where’s the added value in ordering online? “We envisage dual behaviours emerging, digital and physical, online and offline,” explained Casino Marketing Director Thierry Aouizerate. “Our customers will go online, but will also continue to come to our stores. The store is a point of reference. It’s there that you can talk to real people who can answer your questions. That’s the human face of the company,” he underlined.

No conflict between store and web

“However, those customers who absolutely want to save time will shift all their shopping activity online. Other people will prefer not to shop this way and will continue coming into our stores to choose their purchases,”adds Thierry Aouizerate. The app will also be used for promotions - sending customers information on special offers in line with purchases they have already made, whether online or in-store, according to their known tastes. In addition it provides a virtual Casino Group loyalty card.  The app is currently undergoing trials and for several weeks now a group of Casino employees, equipped with NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphones, have been testing it.  The Group intends to launch the system in October in a fully NFC-equipped supermarket in the upmarket 16th district of Paris. The company is also planning to provide a Casino Digital Wall designed to enhance the shopper’s experience.