Freshly launched startup is a cloud-based platform for unlimited streaming of audiobooks. Cloud technology and mobility could very well give the audiobooks industry a little lift.

Cloud and Mobility to Give Audiobook Market a Second Breath?


While the future of books has been a real question with the development of the Web and the adoption of tech devices, startup seems to think different. offers its subscribers unlimited streaming of thousands of audiobooks to different mobile devices. Members pay a monthly fee of $24.95 to have access to the entire audiobook library (more than 10.000 books) of the service. In a similar way that Spotify or Netflix changed the way users have been listening to music and watching video, wants to use technology and draw on new usages to bring audiobooks to anyone, anywhere.

Cloud-based and unlimited access add a new dimension to existing audio book market

According to the Audio Publishers Association (APA), the audiobook market has doubled in the past 20 years. Low prices, wide selection, easy downloading and instant accessibility explain the increased popularity of audiobooks, and digital purchases now represent 4% of the entire audiobook market. While podcasts and iTunes purchases of audiobooks aren’t exactly new, audio book listeners only had a few and limited ways of listening to their favorite books. offers audiobooks in streaming but users are only allowed a very limited number of picks per month. leverages cloud technology to stream audiobooks to users anywhere anytime, on any device – PC, tablet, smartphone – all synchronized to stop and resume playing even if you switch devices. can give a 2nd breath to audio book industry

With the recent development of numerous similar services for music and video, built a consumption model users are familiar with, which could potentially attract listeners that weren’t specifically audiobooks addicts in the first place. "The introduction of an unlimited, cloud-based audio book service allows to once again revolutionize the audio books industry," said CEO Sanjay Singhal"We believe our ability to empower users to listen from anywhere using a mobile device, the cloud-based bookmarking function and the affordable access to unlimited service of thousands of bestsellers will transform the way customers use audio books.”