Estonian Air has launched AirScore - a social media-based loyalty programme with a difference which makes it a first in world aviation history. It has been designed to attract new customers while also promoting both Estonia and its national carrier abroad.


A loyalty programme open to non-customers? At first glance that doesn't make sense, and yet this is the approach that the airline Estonian Air has decided to take. The campaign is of course being run via social networks, in particular through a Facebook app called AirScore. So far, so normal. However, instead of rewarding the loyalty of its passengers based on the number of flying hours or air miles flown, the airline has chosen to reward its top ambassadors, even if they don’t actually use the services of Estonian Air. The platform is intended to be a useful source of information and offers different types of content which users can share on theirFacebook wallsin order to earn points.

Publicising and advertising

On the site you can find information on Estonia, quizzes and surveys, details of future happenings such as concerts, festivals and sport events which are sponsored by Estonian Air. Users can publicise on their walls the airline’s advertising campaigns and also point up great deals available on Estonian Air flights. As you can only make use of these special deals if you become a brand ambassador, the site has also set up a kind of sponsorship process whereby you earn points if your friends join AirScore. These points can then be redeemed for prizes.

Prizes and promotion

Rewards mainly take the form of deepdiscounts on flight prices, basically intended to motivate non-flying ambassadors to start flying. Apart from these price discounts, the airline and its partners also offer prizes: cinema tickets, tickets for sports events, reductions at hotels, etc. This is all part of the wider objective of attracting tourists to Estonia. The AirScore initiative is so original that it was ranked as one of the most innovative concepts in 2011, both by Simplyflying, a strategy consultancy working with the airline industry, and, a specialist in innovation research in the global airline industry.