World Vision’s campaign is asking the IT community to help it develop sustainable business tech. With this first effort, they hope to see if crowdsourcing will work for other strategic questions in the future.

Crowdsourcing is coming to sustainable business tech this month with an initiative by global relief and development organization World Vision. The Christian humanitarian group is partnering with cloud-based social innovation management software developer BrightIdea to “leverage their crowdsourcing application in this campaign.” This effort aims to engage “the public's collective expertise in identifying effective and sustainable solutions to technological challenges faced in supporting relief and development programs.”

World Vision’s focus is on handling field data and inventory

Two goals are being focused on, with an emphasis on sustainable solutions.  World Vision needs a better way to collect field data and transmit it with innovative tech. It is also seeking ways to process, track and move business assets and inventory worldwide. "This is an important pilot for us to engage the IT professional community, within and outside World Vision, in helping us innovate and deliver faster and better solutions to the challenges we face in the field," said Govi Pillai, World Vision's global ICT leader. The company is inviting experts, enthusiasts and volunteers, as well as business and educational institutions to participate. 

The current campaign may provide groundwork for future crowdsourcing efforts

The Sponsor a Solution campaign emphasizes gathering innovative ideas from entities outside of the World Vision system. The process: outlining a technological problem, activating the global IT community, inviting them to test and implement solutions, in World Vision global ICT representative Adam Dayvolt’s words, gives people “the opportunity to use their technical talents to help us solve the technology challenges that we face.” The exploratory initiative also is testing the viability of crowdsourcing to find tech-related solutions to global problems that World Vision may encounter in the future. 

By Ivory King