The burgeoning flow of data is making it harder to handle. Companies need to think now about adopting more appropriate analytical tools and strategies.

With the proliferation of data capture devices, such as smartphones and networked sensors, enabling the collection of a huge amount of information, the mass of data is constantly growing. Given this intense data flow, known by the term ‘Big Data’, the habitual data management and analysis tools can no longer cope.  The International Data Corporation (IDC) says this situation should be pushing companies to review their data management and analysis methods and adopt practices more closely suited to the characteristics of the information collected.

New analytical tools to manage data flow

Quite apart from the quantity of data being captured, it arrives in real time in an unstructured, continuous torrent. In order to manage this data efficiently, IDC says it is vital to adopt both new strategies and appropriate tools.  IDC strongly recommends the use of ‘the cloud’ and high performance database framework packages such as Reduce Map and Hadoop.  Companies then need to add on a database system such as Big Table, whose software is specially designed to manage large quantities of disparate data. 

Analytical approach needs to be more scientific

The role of the company market analyst is also likely to change. From being simply a commercial analyst, s/he needs to become really data-savvy. This means having strong statistical skills and the ability to extract the really crucial information from a database of several million pieces of content. Managing this change will be a key success factor for existing companies.