Medical billing and health insurance gets demystified by CakeHealth’s web and mobile apps. With so many insurance billing errors, this could have huge benefits for payers and patients.

When digital dashboards help consumers manage medical spending


The appeal for the dashboard-based startup is nearly universal - popularized by for an at-a-glance interface for finances, this design is now being applied to many other categories that have been accepted as confusing for the user. CakeHealth is another entry for this type of startup, giving health insurance holders a place to navigate their medical bills, understand the payment structure of their benefits, and track their medical history. The three sections of free online service are the Money Manager, Plan Matcher, and CakeHealth Mobile. With these combined tools, CakeHealth pulls benefit and billing information from providers, and recommends healthcare plans based on actual individual spending, requirements and history.

Medical data becomes empowering information for consumers

Not only does CakeHealth strive to make health insurance and medical payments less confusing, it empowers consumers to prevent late payments, incorrect charges and missed benefits. Most medical bills have mistakes, says Rebecca Woodcock, co-founder and CEO of CakeHealth. “We developed CakeHealth to help subscribers regain control of their health by helping them get the most out of their healthcare spending.” Of course this helps the consumer, but since so many get healthcare through their employer, a more savvy patient could also benefit companies.

With an accessible and powerful analysis tool

Free service, easy setup and a simple layout make CakeHealth a welcome tool to make medical spending accessible. Dashboard apps are a powerful means to navigate previously labyrinthine documentation, and the mobile app augments that experience with an easy way to add medical bills and other documents. The overall product analyzes and itemizes paperwork and charges, and notifies patients if they are not using all benefits available to them. CakeHealth also sends alerts if a claim is rejected, or for errors and overcharges.

By Ivory King