Dialing 911 from a cell phone automatically gives emergency services location data. But when there is no cell coverage, Guardly’s safety services can connect callers in corporate buildings, on campuses, and other regions where incidents may occur.

Emergency: Guardly can tell what floor and room a smartphone called from


Smartphones now are required to have location information available in case of emergencies, but reception inside buildings can limit their efficacy, and location information isn’t necessarily very precise. Public safety incident management startup and mobile safety app developer Guardly has released a new tool to give more precise information to first-responders, the Guardly Indoor Positioning System. The IPS offers previously unavailable accuracy and speed to the public safety system as well as the private security for campuses, hospitals, hotels and other large indoor areas. Their system can now give location information that includes floor and room-level accuracy that can save critical moments to reach emergency callers

Indoor positioning data from safety solutions can minimize emergency responding time

The industry requirements of Wireless E911 Phase 2 is met by wireless carriers, providing GPS location of callers within 300 meters, within 6 minutes of a request by a public-safety answering point, according to Guardly figures. Guardly IPS gives location in under 5 seconds and tracks movement in real time after the call, offering responders the caller’s building name, floor and room number. This technology enhances Guardly’s pre-existing offerings of building safety solutions, giving more coverage to under-served regions such as underground garages, floors and subways, as well as areas with heavy traffic such as malls, airports and train stations. Their Safe Campus product also is complemented by IPS, giving students and staff more safety coverage in residence halls, libraries, lecture halls and stairwells.

More security options for enterprises and users can make underserved locations safer

Guardly offers safety products for all levels of user - organization, multiple-tenant residence or private user. The building safety solutions and Safe Campus are managed by Guardly Command, a cloud-based system that answers and dispatches safety staff. Those protected under these systems, and individuals can install the mobile app onto their smartphone to create a fast way to access 911 and local or campus security. The app also has a function to create contact groups that will be batch messaged in certain user-determined situations, such as a medical emergency. IPS supports all types of users with their enhanced location data offering.

By Ivory King