In-store shopping companion and engagement platform Aisle411 provides insight into customer location and behavior. Customers also receive targeted ads that boost cart value while making shopping more convenient.

Storefront grocery shopping could be getting a much-needed technology boost from startup Aisle411, an indoor location and commerce platform that provides indoor maps to grocery stores. Indoor maps and search has already been adopted by chains like Walgreens, where they find that this method provides “the most convenient shopping experience by simplifying store visits and saving customers’ valuable time,” according to Abhi Dhar, their CTO of eCommerce. The retailer’s app gathers data from consumer behavior, such as where they are in the store and what exactly they are looking for. Aisle411 also has released an API so developers can build shopping, loyalty, social, location or gaming apps. 

An enhanced shopping experience with hyper local ads

Merchants can offer maps, search and navigation within their preexisting (or emerging) app, and Aisle411’s in-store location engagement platform adds a product recommendation engine. The recommendations create ads reflecting various aspects of the shopping experience, such as other items in their shopping list (steak kabobs if they plan to buy steak), or what aisle they’re in (eggs appear while the shopper is in the dairy aisle and just checked milk off their list). Other recommendations could be delivered due to the season or to drive traffic to a less popular part of the store (search for chili prompts an ad or antacids). Aisle411 strikes a balance between strengthening sales and making the shopping experience easier for customers.

Precise customer insight and data for to retailers

Following the shopper’s path in the store provides valuable insight to stores and brands, and is a great way to optimize both store and brand performance on top of the customer experience. Retailers get advanced intelligence and new ways to monetize while customers can find items more easily with the searchable indoor maps. The tool also helps increasing communication with the customer, and proprietors can thus ensure that customers find the items that they are looking for before they skip an item, or more easily upsell to create bigger baskets at checkout. Brands can also connect with customers in ways that increase their in-store sales, targeting shoppers with context and location aware messages.

By Ivory King