Ten trends could disrupt or enable the new postdigital era and drive business in a way more integrated with technology. Analytics, Mobile, Social, Cloud and Cyber are the decisive forces impacting the enterprise.

While the past 20 years have been defined by the rise of all things digital, Deloitte predicts we will soon enter a “postdigital” era, in which the enterprise embraces digital and uses it as the basis of its strategy, much as post-industrialism treats industrialization as a self-evident characteristic of business. The report, “Elements of Postdigital,” detects 10 technology trends that should affect the enterprise, all propelled by five main meta forces that will interplay with each other: analytics, mobile, social, cloud and cyber. While these forces are still in their nascent, “bolted on” phase, they are forecasted to mature, “converge and collide” within the postdigital enterprise.

From "Mobile First" to "Mobile Only"

Deloitte analyzes two categories of trends – Disruptors and Enablers – dependent on what type of potential they have to impact business. "Disruptors" are opportunities that if leveraged, should create sustainable positive impacts on “IT capabilities, business operations, and sometimes even business models.” Among disruptors, mobile holds a crucial place. Right now, businesses are aware of the potential of mobile and are starting to think “Mobile First.” However, Deloitte encourages companies to think “mobile only.” Mobile should go far beyond existing tablets and smartphones, to include other types of interfaces, like sound, gesture and geo-location. Deloitte also identifies a major shift in the role of design. While design tends to be applied to many different silos – marketing, UX, product development – it is poised to become a “way of thinking” and a discipline in itself.

Data and gamification are still evolving

While “Disruptors” have to be understood as revolutions, what Deloitte calls “Enablers” are “evolutions” of existing trends. In other words, they have already been the subject of some investment, but “warrant another look because of new developments or opportunities.” Among those are gamification, data and security. Deloitte considers that companies still have a long way to go with the way they analyze and use data. Combining human and computing intelligences could help companies discover new patters, and thus, new questions they have never asked themselves before. Companies have already been using game mechanics, but Deloitte expects gamification to further impact client, customer and supplier relationships, and be a real driver of performance.